Thursday, 1 November 2007

Last Class

Here is Jean with her (nearly) finished piece of embroidery. She will be so cross with me that the photo is of her holding her work up! She didn't want to be in it. I did take a close up of the work - but it was very out of focus - I blame the vertigo.

Jean had to leave early - so she was disappointed that her piece was not complete by the time she left. However she knew where it was going. She had also used all the machine embroidery techniques we covered in the three weeks and was
so delighted that she knew more about her machine than she did a month ago.

Here is Pat, with her piece. She probably had the most unsuitable machine for all the techniques we covered. (I need to find out more about this particular machine.) Pat made some lovely textures, which she cut up and her finished work was a "sampler".

I will post a detail tomorrow - still not really able to spend much time in the vertical position.

Thanks to ALL of you who have left such lovely comments over the past 10 days or so. I really enjoy hearing from you all - and I am sorry I haven't replied to you personally.


chris from brisbane said...

great photos of class , karen. They all seem very pleased. Hope you can run more classes. I hope they realise what a good artist they have among them. Hope your virus clears up.

sharon young said...

Hi Karen
What a lovely class and didn't those little samples look great cut up and mounted in a book.
You must be a very good and generous teacher. In my experience that's quite a rarity!

Judy said...

Well done!...and I am so impressed that you not only taught your class but photographed and blogged it while still under the effects of vertigo. You are a real woman, aren't you!!

Hope you are well on the road to recovery when you read this.