Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sketchbooks and Art Journals

Sketchbook page November 2006
I am sorry I cannot give a credit for the rubber stamp - I got it at a stamp fair - and I forget who from - it is however, not my design.

As I am not under high pressure for deadlines - but rather just having studio time, and this means working in sketchbooks - something that I am not very good at - or rather - not as disciplined as I would like.

I cannot believe that the page above is from nearly exactly a year ago. I start a new book - I do a few pages - then it all peters out - as I go straight into the "real" pieces. Then I spend the rest of the year making rough notes on scrappy pieces of paper.

How to "do" my sketchbooks is always something that consumes a large chunk of thought, (when I am not working to deadlines) and I have piles of half used books ranging in size from very small to large and if there is one thing I would like to do - it is to have a more organized approach and paradoxically a more spontaneous approach toward my sketchbooks.

I think I have definitely reached the point where I want to bind my own books - to include all the scrappy bits of paper and notes. I don't want to make beautiful hand stitched journals - although I admire those that do - and have done so myself to commemorate special events. I simply want to wire bind all my stuff up - once every few months - so that all my fabric experiments, figure drawings, notes etc are all in one place - together.

Ho Humm - The trouble with the vertigo - is because I am not working flat out - I have to much time to think! Back to the doctor tomorrow for a chat - and to see what is what.

PS Just found some beautiful handmade books here made by Kaija - sometimes I wish I was a bookbinder!


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
I know exactly what you me
an about the sketch book thing. The only time I've worked consistently in a sketch book is when I was at college, and now on the C&G although that's more recording than sketch booking. One thing I did find useful was to work on separate pages and then make a post album for them.
The only thing with this approach was that I could be selective and that made it less spontaneous.
Maybe the solution is not to be precious and get rid of the white asap and then have it on the go all the time , that way there's no need for scrappy bits of paper LOL.
Hope the doc's app goes well today.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Karen
You work just like me - good intentions but I just dive straight in and get on with a piece and I too have lots of scrappy bits of paper where I jot ideas when they pop up.
I bought some flat file boxes and now put them all in there so at least I can reduce the search area.
I also use ring folders and plastic file holders and slide the bits of paper into them - keeps a project together and then the plastic files can be easily rearranged. I make creative covers for them especially if they are on a theme.
Hope the doctor can help.

vivien said...

wire binding them sounds a great idea.

I love my sketchbooks and never think about how they'll look to others - they are just a chaotic mix of sketches, paintings in all media including oils and stuff stuck in and lists and ideas jotted down ..... they are simply for me.

If I tried to keep scraps of paper I'd lose them! so i stick them in a sketchbook if I do jot ideas down that way.

Judy said...

One of my resolutions for 2008 will be to keep a sketchbook CURRENT! I have several, just like you, but don't seem to keep them going either! Too busy playing, I suspect!

sandra wyman said...

I love sketchbooks and have several in various qualitiesof beautiful crisp white paper - howver the real work - just like you - takes place on scrappy bits and pieces wherever I happen to be at the time. Have just got a handbag-sized sketchbook from Ario (at K&S in Harrogate at the weekend) in an attempt to overcome this - but so far it's been to beautiful to use!
Hope the vertigo continues to get better - not a nice thing to have to contend with.
Thanks for your comment on my photos