Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Moving this blog ...

I am moving this blog to a new home on the Wordpress platform, as this is where my garden journal is hosted and I have decided to keep everything under one roof - so to speak.
My first post is up to-day after more than 6 months away from the studio.

Although it has been a wonderful time - I did have a slight "something is missing" feeling - and of course it was art. I am struggling to get back to a place where I am working creatively - so my entries on my new blog may be a bit sporadic to start with. Please bare with me!

Part of the reason that I have not been in the studio is that I have found work as a gardener - it pays slightly better than art! Plus I have been working in my own garden - which I am passionate about.

Now the nights are drawing in - and the weather is changing - fingers crossed the studio is where I will settle for the winter.

Above is a small image - to tempt you to my new home An Artist's Garden-Studio

1 comment:

Jane said...

Do you have batteries for your torch so that you can get back to the house at night?
Hope the inspiration and enthusiasm comes back in spades.