Saturday, 3 November 2007

Last Class Photos

This is Denice's finished work - well almost finished - She was going to do some hand stitching at home - to blend the heavily textured area more into the background fabric.

The picture below is a close up - lovely texture - Denice was pleased with the finished result.

I spent some time in the studio to-day - with not much luck. I have the idea of a piece in my head - but trying to work out the "How To Do It" was frustrating me to-day. Sometimes I wish I could just to the same old thing over and over again - as I feel like I am trying to re-invent the wheel with every piece I do.

I know it is just the frustration talking - and probably not helped by the fact that I am still a bit wobbly on my pins - and my head is probably not as clear as it could be.

Never mind - it will all come together .... or something at some point next week.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I know exactly how you feel - it is much harder to 'reinvent the wheel' as you put it than do tried and tested and just enjoy doing it. We tear ourselves apart trying to be original and different.
It is a good feeling when a piece does come together.
Hope you are getting better and an get back to being creative.

Judy said...

What a lovely piece....and so nice when looking up close and personal at it!
Glad to hear you are a bit better. I hope by the time you read this that you are LOTS better.
And yes, I know what you mean about working out of your comfort zone. New ideas all work so well in my head, but not so well when i get down to actually doing them.


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
Hope by now you're feeling much better. I know how you feel about this constant srtiving to 'do it a different way', but I found Helen's advise really good
when she said that when all else fails she does something small and easily attainable. It's better than doing the dreaded HW stuff which gives only instant satisfaction till some twit messes it all up again :-)