Friday, 2 November 2007

More views

This is another view of Pats sampler - again apologies for the quality of the photography.

Pat is going to do a small amount of hand stitching onto the little square to catch down any loose fibres that have come adrift since she cut the squares from a bigger piece.

This is a close up of one of the squares showing the lovely textures Pat created.

Blogger is not being very responsive tonight and the photos are not quite going where I want them. Why does this happen sometimes?


Judy said...

Blogger can be a real pain in the ____ sometimes! LOL I thought I had him (Blogger...must be a he, because he can be so ornery!)and then he refused to post pics for even me the other day! LOL
I do love the sample pics from your class. You never cease to inspire me!
Hope you are feeling much better.


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
The samples look lovely, such yummy textures and they make a great display all together.
I have no idea how to control the pic placing in Blogger (definitely male) and always do it by cutting and pasting the code where I want it , but I'm sure that's the long way round.