Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Vertigo Has Gone!

The vertigo has gone and I feel so much better

Dyed some fabric for Christmas Things - but now I don't want to cut into it!

But I will


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

What a relief - back to normal.
Not easy is it making that first cut!!!! They are rather nice. Too nice??

Anonymous said...

Karen , great prepared fabric. Do get stitching and get your creativity producing great work. Time to get away from all those courses you give and to focus on getting a new body of work together. You need that body of work around you for you to ingest what the muse is telling you. I am hoping you will produce some big pieces to complement all those smaller pieces you do. You seem to have a rare talent that should be publicly displayed. How about getting something into the welsh assembly! Be bold. Think big!

A well wisher

sandra wyman said...

Lovely fabrics!

sharon young said...

Hi Karen
So glad you're feeling better, what a relief that must be!!
Lovely colours, they would make beautiful gift tags!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad you feel better,have fun and dont overdo it with helping others to move. Can u make anything for a fiver with that lovely fabric? You would have loved the church sale I bought an Iron, a book and some lovely christmas tea towels, so exciting. Im off to shrewsbury tomorrow see you soon. Love to Jane Happy Birthday for Monday incase I miss you. Lots of love to you all P