Sunday, 18 November 2007

Quiet Sunday

Quiet Sunday today - pottering in the studio - but not accomplishing much.

The vertigo is still with me - so I am pretty fed up about that.

The image here is a sketchbook page - probably for my "Travelling Sketchbook" which I share with Linda.

It is only a rough sketch - using painted bondaweb, and free machine embroidery. I was reflecting on the things we say like "keeping your feet on the ground" or "Being grounded" and how just now - the ground does not feel like a very safe place - in fact is seems rather squashy!! The colours probably reflect my dreary state of mind.

Thanks to
Lynn and
For joining in the PIF exchange. I am really looking forward to making something for you all - don't forget to e-mail me with your addresses if you have not all ready done so.

Denice will also be getting something from me - although she does not have a blog - I am sure she will join in the PIF ethos.

Thanks to all of you who left a comment on my "Friendship post" I am the one at the back left of the last photo! And I had a great time at our class reunion


linda said...

HI karen,your sketchbook page made me think of joy, someone filled with light above the earth a dancer.My pages are coloured ready for inspiration. Sorry the vertigo is still around Linda

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering from your balance problem.
Even so this little piece is beautiful.
Sorry I didn't volunteer to join the forward thing but with revamping the website and trying to complete present projects, and the book, I couldn't fulfil the promise.

Getting some help with Dreamweaver - tonight I hope but he hasn't turned up yet and no message!!!!


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
What a beautiful piece, the movement in the figure is delightful , you can almost feel the twist in the body and the colours are lovely.
So sorry to hear you're feeling rough, hope it clears soon for you.
Glad you had a good time on the reunion and it's nice to put a face to your blog posts.

Anonymous said...

karen , great vertigo inspired piece with spinning figure. Great to know what you look like.

Keep blogging.

Judy said...

Hey Karen,
Sorry to hear that you are STILL under the weather, so to speak. Maybe I need a case of vertigo so that I can create such a lovely piece. I agree with Linda, the figure appears to be a dance in the sky.........just so lovely and carefree.
Take care of yourself.