Thursday, 8 November 2007


"The Gang" - in our teens

I am feeling so much better - went back to the doctor yesterday and got different pills for the vertigo.

I am mightily relieved about this, as tomorrow I am off to a school reunion! Our class tries to have a get together about once a decade!

It is at this point that I:-

1) Wished I looked in the mirror more often - perhaps I could of done something about those wrinkles in my face a while ago.

2) Was more disciplined about things like moisturizer - then maybe my skin would not be like rhino-hide

3) Remembered to say "no thank you" to chocolate, coffee cake, new potatoes with butter and so on

But I didn't do any of these things - so there we go!

In our nearly 40's

Friendship is an amazing thing and throughout my life I have been blessed with wonderful friendships.
Some are fleeting and transient - a soul connection of two people who for that brief moment in a life time know that they are friends, this kind of friendship sometimes leaves the bittersweet memory of "if only ..."

Some friendships have a natural time span - they are wonderful for many years but then things move on and so does the friendship. No regrets - no blame - just the warm comfortable memories of shared laughter and shared lives.

Some are blossoming friendships - new and interesting in their newness - like the ones that are growing here in Wales since I moved back.

Also;- "cyber-buddies" the friendships developing because of shared interests, and ease of communication over the web. Friends who I may never meet in person - but who become friends nonetheless

Some friendships - are more enduring and my friendship with the three woman in these photographs has lasted for 4 decades! I think it is amazing.

We met at school when we were about 10 years old - and as we were at a boarding school our lives were perhaps more interlinked with each other, than those children who go to a day school. We have seen each others worst and best. My life is richer for knowing them.

We probably only meet up every few years as a foursome - but the joy of this friendship is we carry on just where we left off, it can be 2 years, 2 months or two weeks since we last saw each other it really doesn't matter.

This Spring the 4 of us went to Paris - to celebrate 40 years of friendship - although there was perhaps a little apprehension as to whether we would get on together for 5 days of constant company .... it was great and we had a ball. (it took me a week to get my voice back - and two weeks to recover fully - but hey!)

In our well over 40's!
Oh - Ok our 50's

Now all you have to do is guess which one is me!


marion said...

have a happy time at your reunion. And don't worry, everybody else will have been at the chocolate etc too... it'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Karen I guess you are the one in the dark glasses and bracelet as you are so into making lovely jewellery. But you all look well for people in their later life.

Great photos and so good to know people over such a long period.

an admirer of your work

Anonymous said...

Karen I note dress sense and sense of colour improves with the years. Excellent post. I hope you continue to add more personal stuff in with your work.

I will clearly NOT admit who I am.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a good time with your other friends!! Let us know if you are fit enough to swim on Monday Love P

sharon young said...

Hi Karen
What a lovely definition of friendship, have a great time at your reunion, I think it's wonderful that you've all stayed in touch over such a long a period.

Judy said...

Ummmm, which one are you???? I just cannot decide, as you all look like you could be my friend Karen! But I'm betting you are the one in the front right? Don't keep me in let me know!

Hope you had a grand time, and I am so glad that you are feeling better.

"But you all look well for people in their later life"? Hmmmmm, life is just beginning at 50 I do firmly believe!!! LOL

xo one of your cyber buds

Judy said...

Ah you say you are not the lovely lady in the right front of the now I'm guessing you are the even lovelier lady sitting just behind her. Did I do better this time?


Anonymous said...

Karen , hi. Not all of us have blogs or are brave enough to have them. So I wont comment on your PIF post as it will seem that you have your 3 willing PIF people.

It remains a mystery I see on what you look like. Have you not a good photo of yourself to post? I guess it makes it more mysterious not knowing what you look like.

It is nice to lighten your blog with more personal stuff though I like seeing your wonderful pieces as the main reason for looking at your blog.

Do keep blogging as it makes for good reading now and then.

I wont say who I am but am thinking of starting a blog of my own.

Anonymous said...

karen hello. I suspect you have frightened commenters off your PIF post until your next post.

Anyway are you as judy guesses the second from the front on the right?

I'm not sure if you get this comment now you have a new post. But never mind.

Great blog.