Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Vertigo Strikes!

Sorry no posting for a while. I have been feeling a bit under par with some kind of virus. I had a horrid ear-ache for a while - and now a chest infection, but the worst is vertigo.

So I have been struggling to stay up-right - let alone do anything in the studio. I did this little play around today with my new machine - on painted bondaweb layers - but I perhaps I should not have done it - as the dizzy spells are back with a vengeance!


Shirley said...

Hi Karen
Dizzy or not - the piece is lovely. I can sympathise with your vertigo - I get mild attacks of it from time to time - I have one at the moment but only affects me when I go to bed and lie dawn and turn over - fuzzy head - or get up from bed to make a visit - I have to hold onto furniture or I fall over. Don't know why it comes and goes. At least it doesn't have an effect during the day so I can work. Thanks for your email BTW. Just finished another piece - I think!!

Anonymous said...

I urge both of you to visit an ear specialist...I suffered with vertigo, throwing up, extreme sickness and my doctor tried to fix it with antibiotics etc thinking I had bouts of flu...but a fellow student told be to get to an ear doctor...and she was soooo right..I have Menieres Disease an inner ear disorder..fluid in the ear...anyway please don't suffer with this...it can be helped...Shirley's symptons sound like particles floating and with manipulation of your head position by the doctor they can be "moved" to a safer area...that is my knowledge!!! First hand vertigo sufferer....
O'Neita in Fountain Valley CA USA

Anonymous said...

Karen , lovely piece. Beautiful colours. Sorry re the virus. I guess if you live in a very damp country you have to expect many bugs and nasties. I hope your course goes well on Wednesday despite your not feeling great. I hope you get lots of TLC till you are well again. I look forward to more pieces.

an admirer of your work

Judy said...

What a lovely, lovely piece!
Hope you are better very soon.


Eva said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, You do lovely work and this piece has beautiful colors.

MargaretR said...

I hope your vertigo and virus is clearing up. However I must say it does not appear to be affecting your work! I love that painted Bondaweb layers.