Monday, 15 October 2007

Good Day To-day

Beaded Silk / Velvet devoree with glass

Nice day to-day - not a high pressured creative day - but I spent the day assembling necklaces for the Beetroot Tree Christmas Show.

Silk / Velvet Devoree with Indian Glass Beads.

This is something that is rather time consuming - but gently enjoyable - I could actually listen to the radio while I was doing this - something I have not done in a while!

Silk / Velvet devoree with Labradorite

I make bangles and ear-rings to match the necklaces - the earrings I will do next week. As tomorrow I will be preparing for Day 2 of the "Machine Embroidery for Beginners" class which takes place on Wednesday.

I would like to reply to the comment about it being stressful teaching a course for beginners. Comments like this are always useful as it makes me stop and think about why.

Yes I find it stressful - and sometimes I would much prefer to stay in the studio and create rather than going out there and face the world. However there are several reasons for getting out there, here are just a few that apply to me.

The Bank Manager - the bottom line is that I find it difficult to support myself as a full time artist. If I am in my studio - I am creating pieces that might or might not sell at some point in the future.

Isolation - If I stayed in my studio creating - I believe I would not grow as an artist. In teaching I get the opportunity to re-visit techniques that I have not used in a while, and develop existing techniques. Students are interested and exciting - especially adult students as they are in your class because they REALLY want to be there.

Joy - it is a great joy when a student is totally excited by what she has produced in class - their joy and enthusiasm is infectious - if they continue with the work when class is over - then - Job done.

The amount of teaching that I do is minimal, however for me - it is worth the angst and stress.

PS The necklaces have not got their clasps on yet - and apologies for the quality of the pictures - we have had a very grey day here - and (again) I left the photography until to late in the day!


linda said...

Karen you are the queen of colour,the plum velvet ones are amazing. Good luck with the class love linda

Anonymous said...

I would have thought the clasps could wait until the buyer decides how long they want them. I suppose they may want them ready for christmas parties!! Did you have a nice day being left alone? R u going for a swim today Tuesday? Love P

Jackie said...

Karen , good to see your reasoning for teaching. Are you aware that the Arts Council for Wales can offer funding to individuals for projects? eg setting up and running courses or designing and producing a major work. You can ask for funding for equipmentf or example. You need to find 10% of cash or kind for the funding.

I recommend you consider an application. See

Judy said...

Well, this may appear as a duplicate of my first comment, as blogger seems to be toying with me this morning! What I initially said was that I loved your beadwork and also your explanations for why you teach. I need to copy off that list and post it in a conspicuous place in my studio so that I will not be so reluctant to teach next semester! I do apologize if this is a repeat can delete it, right?


vivien said...

lovely necklaces :)

...the Beetroot Tree??? in Derbyshire? if so I've just work there! (paintings) ..... small world :)