Sunday, 7 October 2007

Time / No Time !

Textile Beads
Using Fabrics from Bumblebee Quilting

I feel that I am stomping around quite a lot just at the moment. Probably because I have not spent much time in the studio recently. Well I have - but not really making - more administration.

One of the things that I do struggle with from time to time - is TIME - or lack of it - where has this week gone?

Sometimes - the "office" bits of being an artist, takes time away from "making" Just small things - pricing up work. Sorting out work for prints, getting prices for giclee prints. Signing prints. Ordering stuff from suppliers etc.

Then - my day school starts on Wednesday - so getting all the stuff together, lesson plans, supplies for students to use. Packing everything up etc.

Then there is my morning job - which I do as I cannot fully support myself as a working artist - and, if you have not guessed - it is gardening!

Then there is "life" all that day to day stuff - which needs doing, but totally takes time away from art.

So just in this moment - I am feeling a bit stompy. As a result - I have decided to take the week of the 15th off from gardening work. This way I can spend more of the week in the studio - and get all my stuff together for the Beetroot Tree Christmas show "Desirables". 18 new pieces of jewellery which have to be delivered by the 1st November.

I also really want to take part in a canvas swap on art-e-zine

More Beads

I am sad that these pictures are so poor - but the light had gone and I was being hasty - The colour does not do justice to the lovely fabrics that I got from Bumblebeequilting.

After making beads - one of the nicest things is deciding what to put them with them;-


Or this!

I have all day in the studio tomorrow - but I will be testing out the samples I want my class to make on Wednesday - and thinking about the piece I want to make for the 8 x 8 art-e-zine swap!


Chris from Brisbane said...

Karen , if you are creating all day dont you think you become stale? You need to do other things in life to get different feelings and see different things. All the time you are not creating in your studio you are letting your creative juices marinate your inspiration. You need life around you to be the karen we have got to know in your blog and in your pieces. People are buying not only something wonderful but a bit of karen.

linda from devon said...

Hi Karen , Everyone stomps from time to time, I know the feeling. Good weather means no excuse for not weeding, digging in the tonne of grit which has arrived this morning.... And then there is art...and things I have said I will do....days out are a great idea!
But your beads are so yummy, and will look wonderful as a collection

Karen Hall said...

Chris and Linda -
Thanks for comments and support
Lovely day today - the sun is shinning and I am stomping less :)

Judy said...

I understand TOTALLY what you are saying about having time to create! I am taking the next few months off from teaching because I find it so difficult to teach and create and prepare all that is needed for teaching...and then doing the work that my soul calls me to do!
Paperwork and bill-paying are the two things I hate the very most!
Your beads are yummy, to be sure! I spent about an hour in a bead shop last Friday just trying to find the "right" beads to go with the beads you had inspired me to make. It was a difficult decision.
Glad to hear you are stomping less (and enjoying life more?). Gardening always feeds my soul.