Friday, 28 September 2007

Spirit of the Land - Amulet

The Amulet

Today I sold this amulet, which I created in 2001.

A lady saw this piece at the craft fair last weekend, and loved it. During the week, she phoned to ask me if she could buy it for her daughter. But when I delivered it to her today - she hung it on her wall - and it looked very happy - so I think that for now - Spirit of the land will stay with her.

Detail of the top section

Because the piece is framed and glazed in such a deep frame - I found it hard to take a picture without reflections - so I hope that the images can be made out clearly.

Middle Section

With all my amulets I do a piece of written work - and mostly people choose to read the words as well as view the picture. These pieces are enjoyed and/or bought by people who have a soulful connection with the art.

Spirit of the Land

This amulet draws on both male and female symbolism
It is a distillation of both energies
And encompasses the elements of
Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

On the copper panel is the face of the Guardian Spirit,
The “Green Man’
The embodiment of the vibrant energy of life.

On the second panel,
The copper wire
Depicts a journey.

Wherever your life’s journey may take you,
The Spirit of the land protects and watches over you.

copyright Karen Hall
May 2001


Judy said...

Congratulations on your sale! "Spirit of the Land" is a lovely piece!


Wendy W Virginia said...

Lovely blog. Excellent photos of your work. Good lighting. Very refreshing and contemporary work.

Karen Hall said...

Thanks Judy and Wendy for taking the time to leave such great comments.

Anonymous said...

Well done on selling this wonderful piece. You will have to make some more now, especially as you have so much spare time !!!!

Love ya Denice x

Anonymous said...

Karen , hi. I see you have less time to make new posts these days. I hope you will keep up your blog to keep a record of your work as it continues to develop. While there seems so many artists online these days , in reality there are so relatively few of you. Most of us live humdrum non creative lives which are enlivened by seeing the pieces that talented people like you produce with such seeming ease and imagination.

an admirer of your work