Monday, 17 September 2007

Resistance is futile!

Fat Quarters

After two days looking at Jane's patchwork supplies - all beautifully arranged in colour families - I have to admit to quite a few fat quarters finding their way into my studio!

And how could I resist this

or this!

Quite often I wish I was a patchworker - because they always stagger home from events and shows with their arms full of seductive fabrics, toning, contrasting, all so yummy.

The way the fabric is packaged looks cute as well. The little bags of fat quarters, or, I saw something that I think was called a jelly roll - so tasteful with the colours matching beautifully. Oh - on some days I really wish I was a patchworker!

One lady I spoke to at the weekend was buying some fabric for her "stash" - her stash that never goes near a pair of scissors - but she delights in the fabrics in her "stash" - and then uses other fabrics for the things she creates. I can understand that.

I am, however going to use the fabrics I got for necklaces like this - which I make for people to buy as little Christmas presents. This style of necklace was also my best seller this weekend. Funny how sometimes it is ear-rings, sometimes bangles, and sometimes the necklaces that sell well at different times!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful fabric and delightful jewellery. But I do prefer your embroidered pieces best

an admirer of your work

Art With Moxie said...

Beautiful little piece of jewelry. Like meditation, these are the things that keep us artists sane, they bring joy to the buyer, and the extra cash doesn't hurt.


Karen Hall said...

Thank you both