Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Hand made beads

Quite a busy time in the studio - although quite a lot of that time has been used up doing "administrative" stuff for the village craft fair this weekend. Making sure all my pictures have hangers on them. Sorting out my jewellery, and writing price tags etc.

I have also been working on my pages for "A travelling sketchbook"
This is two books that Linda and I exchange every couple of months. So we will both post about this soon .... Watch this space! To see Linda's work click here.

I have also made quite a few beads to make up into necklaces and ear-rings.

And quite a cute necklace with the beads threaded onto ribbon

I want to make a few more of these before Saturday if possible. So a busy time sorting stuff really.

(The Dog - Merlin continues to improve - we were back at the Vets today - and he doesn't want to see him again - but he has to wear his collar thing for a week!)


Anonymous said...

stunning necklace Karen . Well photographed.

an admirer of your work

Anonymous said...

Karen , I do like the beads. Do explain sometime in what sense they are handmade. Some photos of your working would be good to see. Some photos of any equipment you have in your studio would be interesting. Your studio looks wonderfully light.

Trish WA. (state of washingston)

Karen Hall said...

Thank you, admirer of my work and Trish for your nice comments.

Anonymous said...

great blog. Love the work.

Tina from Melbourne, Oz

Dawn from London said...

Wow! What interesting, innovative and colourful work. Puts my efforts in context. Your work seems so effortless and quick. It takes me so long to do a piece and I'm never happy with it. Perhaps I should try something different than textile art.

Karen Hall said...

Thanks Tina from Melbourne, glad you liked it.

Dawn - I also do stuff I don"t like - or that takes ages and looks like something the cat dragged in - Please dont loose heart.

Mabel Denver Col said...

Lovely blog about your work. Color is so vivid in your beads. Hope your blog turns into a book one day with your great photos of your work.

I'm into quilting myself and admit I've only thought of textiles in this way. So your blog is a breath of fresh air for me personally. I need to get out more.

Keep blogging Karen

Anonymous said...

See you at the craft fair.Back to work for me love P

Dorothy ( dot) from Manchester said...

karen good luck at the village craft fair. sounds very rural. Do consider posting a few photos of what the fair is like.

Cheryl from Bucks said...

Karen enjoy your craft fair today

Judy said...

Lovely beads Karen!!
I want to know how you do them...will you share your secrets?