Tuesday, 4 September 2007

My Studio

Sewing Table and Messy Table

No actual work done these last few days - but I have re-organized my studio space. On Saturday evening I was having a little moan about my work space and how it wasn't working right (for that read - how I wasn't working right!) When my partner and his sister took me in hand - before you could say mixed media - we cleared up the little room - found all my fabrics and put them on one shelf - and re-organized the work stations in the big room. I spent Sunday and Monday going through everything.

One of the reasons that we bought this house was the big old shed/chalet at the bottom of the garden that would make an ideal studio space for me. My partner re-furbished it as soon as we moved into the house - and it was a wonderful big light space. I moved all my stuff in very quickly to get it out of his work space - and really gave no proper thought as to what I wanted where.

As I was "homeless" for over 6 months - between selling my last house and finding this house - My work stuff was spread all over - some in store and some travelled with me. But I only got my large "messy" table back a couple of months ago.

Lots of my "bits and pieces" are still in boxes labeled "Studio nature" and "Studio sentimental" and "Studio inspiration"

As you can see from the above picture - my large board at the back of the room remains empty - this is intended as a place for all those images that catch my eye - photos I take - for starting points. Colour explorations. Pictures of my kids. etc

The village craft fair is in a couple of weeks - I have no excuse now not to be working flat out. I have also had a request from a gallery for jewellery for their Christmas Exhibition - just when I had decided to wind down the jewellery! I am considering starting an Etsy shop only for my textile jewellery - but I really have no idea how successful they are - especially here in the UK. I am not particularly good at self promotion.


Anonymous said...

Karen , just had time to look at your blog after a long break away from it. Great to see photos of your lovely large modern studio. Very impressive indeed. It must be difficult not to just sit and admire it and not work. And how wonderful to come out of your house straight into your studio in your garden. You can switch from home mode into work mode in an instant. Your partner and sister sound very supportive which every artist needs.

I look forward to seeing more of your work and how you produce it. I do feel art is better appreciated if some of the artist's life and environment are known.

I shall check on your blog regularly if not very often to check new posts.

an admirer of your work

Karen Hall said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog. just found it. nice work. Betsy New Mexico

Anonymous said...

Hi, What on earth does Etsy stand for?
I am actually using Jordans laptop so as you can tell we eventually managed to get it on line. I'll tell you how when I next have to beg for tea!!!!

Denice :p

Karen Hall said...


A place to buy and sell all things handmade.