Friday, 31 August 2007


Lovely day to-day. Denice took me out shopping and this is what we bought!

We got up and eight - and drove to Mostyn about 2 hours from where we live to visit a shop called Abakhan. I didn't know this shop existed in Wales and I was in heaven - fabric heaven, well fabric and trimmings and papers and threads .....

You get the picture. One thing that I found really strange was they have big baskets of remnants - you pick your pieces of fabric - and they are priced by the weight!

For example - I use a lot of velvet in my Textile jewellery - so I rummaged through the velvet remnant basket picked out pieces in various sizes that caught my eye; they were weighed and I paid - like shopping for I don't know - fruit and veg - it was quite cool really - as I made some quite creative choices with colour and pattern - especially with the organza. Usually I just buy a metre each of 6 or 7 plain colours - today I bought patterns.

Denice is a patch worker - so she got lots of cottons. She also teaches class - so some of the things she bought are for other patch workers.

Great day.

(I will be playing in the studio tomorrow!)


MargaretR said...

Isn't Abakhan wonderful? It's far too close to me and I spend far too much money there I'm afraid. i've just come from your website now and find it very inspiring.

Lynn said...

I am so jealous, I used to frequent Abakhan Manchester before I moved to Canada 14 years ago ( I even visited the store in Wales once) There stores are fabulous for crafters finds. I wish we had something like that here. I do make that my fist stop when I visit Manchester.
Hope you enjoy your stash, I enjoyed visiting your page.

Judy said...

Oh how I would love to go to a place like this!!! ;-)

Karen Hall said...

Thank you Margaret, Lynn and Judy for taking the time to comment
Warm regards

it said...

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Thoughts / Comments appreciated.

- Will