Wednesday, 15 August 2007

New Piece Started

I finished the boat piece - but the light had gone - and I have not photographed it yet.

I did start a new piece - quite a small one - 8 ins by 8 ins will be the finished size when mounted on board.

The starting point for this piece was the tissue paper with the figure stenciled on it - it was actually a "test stencil" on scrap tissue - which then got used for other things - but I quite like the blotchy paint.

I bondawebed the tissue onto a felt back ground, then put another piece of bonded and printed paper along the bottom.

I marked out the arch - as this is the shape that I want the finished piece.

Then I overlaid the images with scraps of fabrics.

The next step was to start machining in the arch with a variety of threads.

That is all I had time to do to-day!

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Art With Moxie said...

I'm liking this piece already, can't wait to see the finished piece. And...thank you for the nice comment on my blog.