Saturday, 18 August 2007

Walking Man

Not the greatest day in the studio - I definitely had a bit of a monkey mind - and mentally I was all over the place and could not stay focused.

I am having a table at a small craft fair here in the village in September - I guess it will be very different from the Fairs I used to attend in the South - which were very expensive to attend as an exhibitor and highly competitive - in that there were a large amount of very talented crafts people with fantastic work.

I used to love the "Craft Fair Circuit" as I felt part of a wonderful, multi-coloured, tribe of designer makers.

I am sure that at the village fair - there will also be very talented crafts people with wonderful work - but as it will not have cost me hundreds of pounds to have a stand it feels slightly different.

The bottom line, however, is that I am there to sell my work, and today I felt that I was slipping back into my old way of working - as it is "safe" When confronted with deadlines or pressure - I often fall back to a safe place making the "known" as it might sell, on the grounds that it has sold before. I am berating myself - for not doing some daring pieces for the craft fair - because it really does not matter if I sell very little as the stand will only cost a fraction of what I paid in the past - and all I am using up is some of my time

One joy of keeping a blog - is that visually my work is up here on a day to day basis and there are changes and developments from piece to piece I just forget to note them for my self!

It is something about this piece "Walking Man" that makes me feel that I have not developed - because I have used this image in other work, and used a similar arch shape as well.

The way I layer fabrics is the way I enjoy working - I am forgetting that I have extended this to include layers of papers that I have dyed, printed, and transferred onto to make a "fabric" that is unique to me.

Background of layered and coloured ink-jet prints

In this piece the background is made of ink-jet transfers onto tissue paper; built up in layers, including the music from the "Magnificat" and a map - which I altered in Photoshop.

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Penny said...

Wow Karen, I found your blog through Gail on expression Studio and love it. I will be back. Blogs are wonderful things keep us all in touch with the world.