Monday, 13 August 2007

Birthday Gift

No time in the studio recently - but I did celebrate my Birthday - and look what I got from my stitching friend Denise! - How lovely is this!

It is a wrapped basket for keeping my threads in. Cords have been wrapped and stitched together on the sewing machine.

Denise then made a butterfly for the outside and stitched it on

What a lovely gift - I shall enjoy using it - although at the moment it is being the star of the show in the house - not the studio!


Denice Lobjoit said...

Wow I am so chuffed by this. I have gone very red and giggly, just like a silly schoolgirl!!!
I'm so pleased Karen liked her pressie as she is such a special and very clever lady. Love ya Denice x

Anonymous said...

Can I follow that last comment? I loved the basket, its too nice to be left down the studio though. But what do I know Im just a swimming friend!

Anonymous said...

Karen , the bag is a wonderful present from your friend - too good to use. I'm glad you are back on your blog as i thought you might have got tired of it. I look forward to your continuing to post pictures of your ongoing work.

an admirer of your work

Karen Hall said...

Hello "Admirer of your work"
Thanks for nice comments - any chance you can let me know who you are?
Kind regards