Saturday, 8 September 2007

Two Steps forward - One step back

Merlin went back to the vet on Friday to have his stitches out - he was doing very well after his operation.

Unfortunately today - he either had a good old scratch or caught the operation wound on something in the garden - and manages to open the wound up again - and there is even a hole (grim) - so back to the vet again today - and now he has this very glamorous collar - which he has not got used to yet. Back to the vet again on Monday - to see what is what - it might need stitching again.

Mixed bag of a day in the studio to-day. I am making textile beads for jewellery - this is rather repetitive - and because I have to make so many I make and assemble them rather like a factory line. So no completed beads yet.

I also had a cunning plan for creating a new bead - but it failed! So back to the drawing board tomorrow.

No pictures - because my camera ran out of battery -

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