Monday, 23 July 2007

To days Journal Page

Tissue Paper, print and fabric layers stuck together, then cut and re-pieced.
Stitching and felt pens.
(size aprox 8ins high)

Very fed up with all these grey skies we are having just now. Not much time in the studio to-day - just enough to do a journal entry.


Anonymous said...

karen v colourful and amusing. I like it for its fun!

an admirer of your work

Karen Hall said...

Hi Anonymous
Thank you for your comment (s?) - I dont know if you are the same reader who has posted a few lovely comments - in which case many thanks - or if there are a few of you out there, whichever it is thank you - its still raining here!

Art With Moxie said...

Hello Karen,
WOW! Best body of work I have seen in a long time. You do beautiful artwork, glad I found your websites.

Cory in Arizona