Tuesday, 31 July 2007

My little boat has been on and off the background of this picture a lot. And not just one boat - but lots of different sorts of boats - long boats, boats with lots of oars, two masted boats, etc.

Anyway today I took the plunge and stitched a boat - below are the stages.

Step 1

I am doing this boat as a type of "Reverse applique". I lay dark coloured fabric over my sunset background.

Step 2

I lay water soluble fabric with the drawing of the boat on over the dark fabric and background fabric.

Step 3

Stitch the boat, with free machine embroidery in a thread that goes with the dark fabric.

Tomorrow I will dissolve away the water soluble fabric, and cut away the dark fabric from around the outside of the boat, leaving a silhouette - which hopefully will be sailing along in the right place .... watch this space!

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