Friday, 13 July 2007

A Gift for a friend.

Rain again today - so another studio day as no gardening!

I wanted to make a piece as a gift for my cousin who became a priest on Sunday - and I wanted to complete the piece in one day. I nearly achieved it - but I have got a few finishing touches to do tomorrow.

I have taken the angel element from the large piece - as this angel is meaningful to both of us.

For the background I layered dyed pieces of tissue and tissuetex left over from the last project. I bonded these layers together using bondaweb. As I really did not like the colours - I was left with very dark blue and acid yellow - I over painted the bonded papers with golden and pearl acrylic paint - this left me with quite a strange plasticy surface - but that was fine. I then cut an arch shape out of the bonded papers.

I printed the angel onto ExtrvOrganza and then bondawebed the organza onto heavyweight vylene - which had all ready been coloured with a dilute mix of fabric dye and gold acrylic paint.

I placed the tissue layers over the angel do that she was sitting in the arch - then machine zig-zaged around the arch in gold thread. Then I did my usual thing of putting the whole lot onto water soluble fabric as a support while I did the machine and hand stitching.

As for my big piece - I have ignored it all day - and looking at it this evening - it is finished!
And ...... its OK


Anonymous said...

karen hi. Can you consider putting the dimensions of your future work on your blog to give an idea of scale, please. I note another anonymous commenter on your 'still thinking' post and i hope you get more commenters over time. I'm impressed that you can produce your angel piece in one day. Very hard work there. It is good to be able to click on your photos to get a large view. I hope the poor summer continues to keep you in your studio.

An admirer of your work

not an embroiderer said...

karen , any future photos of your processes that you describe so well would be appreciated, for example transferring images onto material. I love your colors. It is hard to fully understand exactly how you are producing these wonderful pieces that have really great texture. Perhaps that magic should be left a little mysterious? I assume you work in Wales in England from your profile. I have an image of mountains and continuous rain there and almost no people anymore.

not an embroiderer

Karen Hall said...

Putting Dimensions on the pieces

This is a good idea - and I will try to remember to do this.
Wales is very beautiful - and we do not have continuous rain - but we do get a fair amount. There are people here as well!

Thank you for your kind comments it is lovely to have such positive feedback

Judy said...

wonderful piece...and thanks for sharing your technique!