Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Starting the free machine embroidery

Good day in the studio today - I had all the layers of tissue and paper in place yesterday. Today I placed the whole lot on water soluble fabric and started the free machine embroidery. The water soluble fabric is so that I can machine off the edges - which will give me a more delicate edge. However the tissue paper was not really strong enough to stand up to heavy machining - so I have decided to incorporate fragments of organza both around the edge and overlaid in the centre of the piece. This will be cut away at the end.

Today's challenging moment was that I wanted an angel from one of my photos in the piece - I transferred the photo with Lazertran onto tissuetex - and it looked quite nice - however when it was on the piece - it looked too strong - so I knocked it back with colour washed tissue paper - and end up with a grey blob!!


My next step was to re-print the angel onto ExtravaOrganza - which I then colour washed greeneyblue - the same as the background


I think it will be OK when it has more stitching on top - we shall see

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Die Hohe Dame said...

this is beautiful! your very talented!