Thursday, 5 July 2007

A few hours hand stitching

Only a few hours in the studio today - and this is the area I was concentrating on.

I was really pleased with this bit when I was doing the design and making the paper layers - it has gold oil stick drawn onto a printed page - which has then been overlaid with the tissue paper - so that the gold and the book print ghosts through.

In reality it does not integrate too well into the piece .... yet. I machine stitched a complicated labyrinth on top of the book paper - perhaps too complicated - something simpler may have been more appropriate. So in the few hours available today I was hand stitching this area using seeding and straight stitches - to start to blend the slightly "blockey" colours and to emphasise the outline of the maze

Does all the extra stitching make the slightest bit of difference? - I think it needs more hand stitching and it does give movement and depth.

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