Monday, 9 July 2007

Much Better Day Today! No more Mr. Grumpy

Better day today - it is amazing how one line of stitching can pull the whole piece together again.

The journey line running through the embroidery had got lost on the green side - but as soon as I put a line of yellow stitching it - it reappeared and the piece started to come together. I also covered the maze with bondaweb - then put gold film on top - after it had stuck - I touched it with a hot iron to make it look worn - then re machine stitched the maze . It does look better.

More integrated within the piece. As I have put gold foil on the maze - I will now have to have a sprinkling of it through the piece to link the elements together.

I don't really have many studio hours available to me this week - but I think I have broken the back of the work, and now it will be a case of enriching the surface in some areas with more hand stitching - I toyed with the idea of seed beads everywhere -
It could look rather nice ...........

But remembered my deadline!!

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Anonymous said...

Karen , i'm glad mr grumpy has gone. I believe Mr Grumpy is a literary reference to the Roger Hargreaves' series of Mr Men books he started in 1971 with Mr Tickle. I note you have deadlines that I did not see referred to in your earlier posts. Wonderful work well photographed.

an admirer of your work