Friday, 20 July 2007

To Day in the Studio

Had some time today in the studio - but was not very focused!

I was contemplating these papers - When I paint bondaweb - these are the backing papers once the bondaweb has been removed - and they are a happy accidents - and far to good to chuck away - but didn't come up with anything I really want to do with them today - maybe tomorrow!

The next "event" that I have to prepare for is a craft fair here in the village in September - and I want to make some greetings cards.

When I do "small embroideries" as greetings cards, they take a phenomenal amount of time. So I wanted to do something quicker and I am playing around with paper layers and stitching - using papers I created over the years.

Golden Music Paper

This is a piece of paper I made last year (size approx A4) It is made from layers of tissue paper, some of which were stamped or drawn on. Pages from a music book and loose fibres, with more tissue paper on top. The whole piece has been brushed over with quite a thick gold acrylic paint - which was quickly rubbed away. It also had some pearl ex powder sprinkled on top and rubbed in.

I am going to cut this up to make "toppers" for greetings cards - hearts and flowers are always popular. So I have started cutting out hearts from another piece of laminated tissue papers - and stitched this onto the background.

Close up detail of heart

size approx 4 inches high

Still quite fed up with the blog being off line for a day or two this is why;-

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Is it going to happen again? - If they check you out once does that mean it wont happen again? Should I take my blog elsewhere? All these silly little questions going on in the back of my head. I am glad it happened after I finished the big piece - because the piece and the blog were very linked in my mind.

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