Monday, 16 July 2007

Piece Delivered .....

"Sacred Mysteries" has gone - I delivered it to the gallery today - and the selection panel meets next Tuesday. They let artists know if their work has been selected by post, so I will know one way or the other by the end of next week.

When I got home after delivering the work I felt a bit lost - this is how I usually feel when I part with a big piece - especially so soon after it has been finished.

Usually on completion of a big piece, or series of pieces I take a day to clean my studio - returning everything to its place ready for the next batch of work - but this time before I start on the studio, I will have to tidy the house for visitors that arrive on Wednesday.

I am not tidy by nature - and my home bears testament to this. However, the cleaning of the studio after a batch of work is therapy. It is a meditation on the pieces that have been finished - and those that are to come. It is a time to pause and take stock - before the next flurry of activity. As I write this I am reminded of those snow globes - which you shake and the glitter and snow flies everywhere, fast at first - then slowing down before gently sinking to the bottom - ready to be shaken up again.

When I tidy the studio - this is sometimes when wonderful "What if" moments occur - which will be triggered by the juxtaposition of carelessly discarded elements from the just completed pieces;- Bondaweb on top of foil. String under foil etc.

Above is a small glimpse of an old piece of work - layers of hand made paper and copper - just a little eye candy!

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