Tuesday, 8 January 2008

New Year - New Art Journal

Journal page January 8th

A New year and a new journal.

A journal for me is different from a sketchbook - this is where I start with a theme and see where it leads and this year my theme is the wheel of the year as defined by the full moons. (Actually it is the wheel of the year every year!) The journal is where my themes and ideas for significant pieces of work gestate

My sketchbook is just that - sketches and drawings - very rough, samples and ideas, thoughts about techniques. Colour notes, reminders, "what iff's" and so on. I suspect the main difference is that the journal is rather inward looking and the sketchbook is looking out and observing the world. Of course the two feed each other - for how can you draw a wolf moon - unless you have stood under the night sky and truly looked at the moon.

Judy has left a comment giving me a "You make my day Award" which is delightful and I will be following up on this tomorrow. Thank you Judy.


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
Thanks for your explanation, I've pondered for a while now on the difference between the two. I do admire your organisation and planning, I find it hard to pick a theme when I'm not doing something for college. I usually have to wait till I see something that inspires me enough to want to take it further!
It's a splendid opening page.

Karen Hall said...

Hi Sharon
Umm - The difference between my art journal and my sketchbook ....
thats just how it is for me - I don't know about anyone else ... sometimes I wish I could just lump it all in together!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Karen
Glad to see you back on track and producing pieces. The colour of the sky catches my eye.
I don't keep either a journal or a sketch book. If I do make any notes or sketches they are on random bits of paper often on the back of old mail and can be on any number of piles. I spend too much time looking for things I've jotted down so I should really start a sketch book which would at least cut down the search time.
Food for thought.

Anonymous said...
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Purple Missus said...

Like you, I too keep a journal and a sketchbook. A themed journal keeps me focused whereas the sketchbook is for allsorts. Good explaination you gave there.
As Sharon said, a splendid opening page. Look forward to watching your progress.

lila said...

I keep an on going visual/ art journal much more than I keep a written journal. Especially since my blog seems to take the place of some journaling....loving your approach!