Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Here are some developments on the picture I posted yesterday - with a view to using them as starting point in my art journal.

The picture above - is simply yesterdays image with the contents of my "to do" list scrawled on top.

I took this page and two photographs of onions that I took last summer. Then I cut these into one inch wide strips and wove them together to create a new back ground paper.

This back ground I will be working on further tomorrow - but I did scan it and alter it in photoshop, and type a journal entry for today on it.

Unfortunately - I have just slopped my cup of tea on my computer keyboard - so need to go and dry it out!


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
I hope your PC's OK !!!
These versions of your art journal look very interesting.
What a great combination of images, they work really well together, I especially like the second one, well I would , wouldn't I :-)
I didn't know you had a mac, what version?
Thanks for the software link looks great, I can never resist diaries, to do lists etc. etc.
Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

OOps - hope it is OK.
Like the weaving effect. I enlarged the image to see what you had written in a couple of the squares and yes they would make nice little NB note squares.
You really sound as though you are almost back to normal..
Are you keeping a journal and a blog each day??

Thanks for your email

Purple Missus said...

I like your way of working. I would have been more than happy with the first one but the end result is amazing - very clever.

Judy said...

such a clever, clever girl! I love what you are doing!

lila said...

It is fun to watch you do a journal page!