Monday, 14 January 2008


This is a very small detail of a development page of the wolf moon image posted a few days ago.

I was working on this image for the "travelling sketchbook" I do with Linda.
When I had finished the page - I scanned it to make a copy. But my scanner glass is so mucky with paint and fibre - that I had to edit it in photoshop to get rid of the bits of fluff around the edges of the picture.

As I had it blown up really large - I noticed this wonderful bit of texture. Sometimes little areas of texture blown up make wonderful starting points. I think I may print this bit off, to use as a background for a page in my art journal.

I want to thank Sharon and Shirley Anne for giving me a "You Make My Day Award" I am touched - and I appreciate it very much.

As I nominated a couple of folk on the 9th January post - I hope Sharon and Shirley will not mind too much if I do not pass it on at this time. But I would like to thank you all who continue to read and support my blog.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Don't mind at all.
Like this little piece - subtle dark colours - moody.

lila said...

Hi Karen!
i find that when I use the scanner, it dulls my I brighten them again in Photoshop.It works well for blogging!

sharon young said...

What an absolute little gem, Karen, I love the colours and the rolled fabric,you can see all sorts of imaginary images in there!
Good idea to use it as a BG!

Purple Missus said...

I wonder if the camera would have managed to pick up so much clear detail? I really like the idea of using prints of work as backgrounds for journal pages, especially close ups.

Eva said...

This looks great! I love to play with my scanned work in Paint Shop!

Judy said...

Yes, I agree with Shirly Anne: very moody...which I like a lot!!!


thealteredpage said...

I love details and fragments from larger artworks and this one is a beaut!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!