Thursday, 17 January 2008

Destroy to Create

Interesting day in the studio today - I really wanted to push the development of the images from yesterday and the day before - as a double page spread in my 2008 "Moon Journal".

I also wanted to push my sewing machine as well - because - as yet I have not had time to see what it will really do. I decided to see what the "built in quilting stitches" would do. And I really rather like them. The machine also stitched nicely through the layers - which were - woven paper, painted bondaweb, inkjet transfer on muslin, tissue paper and vyline.

I always find synchronicity interesting. I spent the day yesterday in the veg. garden sorting it out after the high winds and lashing rain we have been having - and I still didn't get to plant the onions. To-day I received a "planting by the moon" e-mail and low and behold - it is tomorrow that is a good day for planting onions!

The page developed further as the day progressed - there is still a couple of things I want to add - but the note about it being a good day to plant onions is down the left hand side - and next to it, is an abstract design I drew, painted and cut out from a sketch I did last summer - when my onions went to seed.

Purple Missus (Lynda Monk) left a comment yesterday - saying she would of been more than happy with the first image on yesterdays post - I think the sub-text of a lot of my work process is "Destroy to Create" and "What happens If ..."

Sometimes this doesn't work at all - but if you push and push - Sometimes the results are wonderful.

Is this is a wonderful page - No it is not - but it is a very useful page. It has some excellent starting points to build on. Which - for me - is a good reason to keep an "art journal"

My mind is buzzing with ideas to develop from what I did today. I know my machine just a little bit more - and perhaps - most importantly - I can plant my onions either to-morrow or Saturday!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Like these images - always fascinated by this kind of image. Not something I am very good at but intend to find time to develop this technique.
Reluctance to 'destroy to create' is my problem.
Hope you get the onions planted -I'm a very, very fair weather pottering gardener these days.

sharon young said...

Hi Karen
What a brave person you are! I'm with Shirley in my reluctance to 'destroy to create', I'm a 'stop too soon' merchant!
I love both these pages , but do have a preference for the the top one, but that's just the way I think :-) minimal!
As to gardening, tried it for one year and it felt far too much like outside HW. But I do wish I had a little bit to potter in when the weather's good. Maybe this year !
I like the new 'to do' app , had great fun filling in all my things to do last night!
Have a good onion planting day.

Judy said...

I love the three ovals in the upper left...what are they exactly? I'm in the destruction mode today..have ripped out every last !@#$%^&!! seam I sewed two days ago and am painting more batting. I'm glad to know that I'm in such good company!

Ro Bruhn said...

Love your journal pages, so much depth. Thanks for visiting my blog

The Artful Eye said...

These are wonderful pages, I love the layers and depth. I agree about destroy to create, but sometimes I push too much. Thanks for sharing.

between the worlds said...

karen- this is beautiful- nice work! sometimes you do have to rip things up and think outside the box to create. kudos to you for your courage to do so!