Thursday, 14 February 2008

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon is now finished - in this picture it probably does not look a lot different than in the last post - but there is more stitching on it. I don't know why but all the close ups I took of the piece today showed a real haze on the layer of organza (with light reflection I suppose) - but it is not there at all when you look at the real piece. It is quite hard to photograph - which will be a problem if I want to have giclee prints made from it. (OK not a problem - a challenge!)

The full moon in February is known among other things as "Snow Moon", or "Ice Moon"
It is hard to think about a "Snow Moon" given the wonderful sunshine that we have had over the past few days, so I think the inspiration for this moon will come from the snowdrops in the garden.

Tomorrow I am going to spend some time in the studio working on this theme!

What has happened to the spell checker on blogger?
When you are dyslexic it is a real problem if it doesn't work!!


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Nice to see it finished. To photograph it - wait for a bright hazy day and photograph it outside. No direct sun to burn out the colours, no bounce of bright lights, no shadows and the colours and textures will be natural. The only problem is waiting for that kind of day which is what I am doing at the moment. Oh and for me - no wind to blow the tassels about!!!
My spell checker is working!!

sharon young said...

Hi Karen
This piece looks wonderful, now it's finished and the amount of stitching you've included is perfect, in my opinion.
What gorgeous snow drops, they're one of my favourite flowers.

Anonymous said...

Well thats ruined my idea of a birthday present later on this year, no more gloves needed!!

Karen Hall said...

For those of you that are totally bemused by the comment from "P". It is meant for my "other" blog!
And refers to Gardening Gloves.