Monday, 11 February 2008

No Apologies

Well - actually I do have one apology to make - and that is I am so sorry that I have not replied to all of you who took the time and trouble to leave a comment on my last post.

So thank you;-
Shirley, Dobby, Sharon, Threadspider, Paula, Judy and Linda I valued your input.
I have not looked at the piece since I posted it - and as I said in my last post I have done a bit more stitching.


So I have been working in the garden and at the weekend we walked.

"A little piece of Heaven"

I feel so much better now that I have had some sun on my face. When we walked at the weekend , the weather was so wonderful that we were in T-shirts. What bliss.
(humm - the spell checker on bloggger does not seem to work - apologies for spelling errors)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thankyou. Great walk to a wonderful piece of heaven. So how about a new piece of work including the bridge. Beth used to sit up there waiting for Pole cats or was it seals or maybe otters, yes I remember otters, Will had seen them as a boy, so beth thought if she waited long enough she would see them. Otters by moonlight with bats flighing (sorry cant spell that) around. P

Threadspider said...

Hear, hear to the sun on our faces-it makes everything seem so much nicer! We walked too and gardened!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

This weather is so good I wonder when pay back will be. We have been going for short walks every day but it hasn't been warm enough for T-shirts up here. No gardening for me I'm afraid - it will have to be very warm before I even think about that. My snowdrops are all out and everything in the garden is being fooled by the mildness but we have had 2 nights of quite hard frost so I hope it doesn't knock them back.

sharon young said...

How right you are Karen , I was feeling really down with all that drab weather, and then the sun came out, and we went to the seaside , and suddenly the world was a wonderful place again!!
But we've had very hard frosts in the south and some cold winds, but not today, typical , when I had to work :-(
This looks a fantastic spot.

Judy said...

What a beautiful picture! It seems to be out of a movie or a dream....surely that lovely spot doesn't actually exist!
I'm glad you've been having good weather. Our weekend was terrific, but windy. Today was on the coolish side, but still sunny. They are forecasting rain for tomorrow, but now that the kitchen is all torn out, that is ok. And besides that, we need the rain desperately.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the sun can do that for a person! Love this blog.