Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Comments Welcome

This is where I am up to with "Wolf Moon" the "mount" around the edge is only paper. So that I can get an idea of the composition of the finished work. The piece has not been pressed - so it does look a bit creased!

I am now in a position where do I .............

1) leave it as is with minimal hand stitching


2) Do hand stitching all over

Detail 1

detail 2
(Actually the wolf has a little bit more stitching on it since the photo)

Your comments are welcome


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

For me - who is a stitcher- I would for this piece keep it with minimal stitching.
The piece is a bit of a silhouette and the swirl from the moon links the two without distorting the perspective - too much stitching in the foreground might change that perspective - I think!!
Lovely piece - has atmosphere.

Dobby said...

I think it needs a little more. Just a light touch though. Don't know where or how. That is your job!!

sharon young said...

Hi Karen
I love this piece and would leave it just as it is if it were down to me, as i'm a minimlist when it come to stitching!!

Threadspider said...

I think I would add a little more stitching to the foreground and maybe something understated on the belly and under the tail of the wolf. It's extremely atmospheric.

Anonymous said...

So dobby has passed on the batten to you, to do your own stitching now and it sounds like she wouldnt have known where to put it herself anyway. Its a good job she can walk, as she isnt helping you anymore with anything else.
love P
Ps Have you planted those bloody onions yet?

Judy said...

I wouldn't put much more stitching on it. First off, it is lovely just as it is. Secondly, I think it is the simplicity that appeals to me. The starkness perhaps? More stitching would muddle my little brain!


Dobby said...

Having now seen this piece in the flesh, well in the studio actually, I retract my previous comment about it needing a little more stitching. It is stunning as it is. So anonymous, are you up for another stroll next weekend?