Tuesday, 11 December 2007

How lovely is this?

How lovely is this?

This is a detail of the canvas I received to-day from Mercedes Jiminez
via the art-e-zine 8 x 8 canvas swap. Unfortunately the light had gone when I tried to photograph it - but it is a lovely mixed media collage and I am delighted.

If you would like to see all the art made for this swap it can be found on the art-e-zine site here, but it is a big page - so is most suited to a broadband
Internet connection.


sharon young said...

What a beautiful piece, art-e-zine is a great site ,I just never seem to have enough time to go and look properly at the moment, too much blogging LOL, I will drop back on Mercedes Jiminez her work looks very interesting.

sandra wyman said...

Beautiful piece - must look at her site.
Hope this means you're feeling better, Karen

Judy said...

Oh Wow! How lovely!!


Mercedes said...

Thanks so much Karen, about your post on my collage. Really I enjoyed so much with it that I did other for me. NOw is hanging in one the wall of my attic with others collage. I like the idea of " Collages corner "
Thanks for the other comments girls. Just go to my blog when you want.