Sunday, 2 December 2007

A Family Weekend

Two of my sons and one of my "soon to be" daughters in law came to visit this weekend.

It was so wonderful to be with them - I just wish I had felt slightly more lively!

However Adam did decide that he could not possibly visit the seaside without a dip in the water!

The sea in Wales in December - chilling!

We had a lovely time - lots of catching up with Adam and Caroline's wedding plans, and Daniels time in Denmark.

Good food, and happy company. Such Joy.


Anonymous said...

karen , nice to have a non work post for a change. Great photo but it must have been so cold in the sea. I wonder if your environment living in wales has influenced your work over the years - the hills and the sea. I admit I cant see any influences in your posted work. You like the figure and text and colour and patterns. There was one with a boat.

Do post about your influences at some point.

Anonymous said...

Karen , hello. I've just come across your blog by serendipity and skimmed the posts. Some delightful work. But your blog though only recently started I see is becoming quite a body of work in its own right.

I do think you have a nice balance in your posts between words and images. It is brilliant that you put down your thoughts of the day whether comment on a workshop, piece of work, vertigo, family. Not too many words as in some blogs.

If you can keep this blog up I'm sure it will be a very interesting snapshot of your life as an artist.

It is a pity your profile does not give more of a starting point to understanding you as a person.


sharon young said...

Hi Karen
What a coincidence, I have a son named Daniel and he lives in South Wales, where we were this weekend. He's certainly not brave/mad enough to go swimming in the sea though, he wouldn't even come with me to the pool in his complex!!
What an awful w/e it was weather wise though!!

Judy said...

I tried in vain to leave a comment last night but blogger wouldn't let me do it! DARN HIM!!!
Anyway, I'm sorry that you continue to be plagued with the vertigo, but it sounds like you made the best of it last weekend with your boys and soon to be daughter in law at home with you.

I cannot believe that your son went swimming in the ocean, in Wales, in December! Does he take after you??? LOL

Be well my friend!!

We are off to the mountains for a couple of days of belated anniversary celebration. So, I may actually be silent. Will you miss me??


digiguru said...

Hi, I am the said son that went swimming in the December Sea. I always dip into the sea in Wales (time permitting) - I believe it to be a healing experience. Perhaps you should have come in mother dearest, and it would have alleviated the vertigo?